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Trick or treat: spare the spooks on-site

Have no fear; BOB is here to help banish the spooks on-site and for your customers this Halloween.

On-site horrors

Let there be light!

With the clocks going back on Sunday 29th October, dark times are officially upon us. It’s time to banish the shadows. From tripod floodlights, to Festoon Light Strings, these lighting products from our Tool Hire can help tide you over in the gloomy months.

There’s safety in numbers (and in PPE)

What could be scarier than being on-site without the right PPE? In the same way that you wouldn’t find the Ghostbusters taking on a demonic spirit without the appropriate gear, tradespeople also need their own armour to protect from the terrors.

Who you gonna call for PPE back-up? Jewson Direct. Order by 4pm and you’ll be ready to take on the most haunted of houses the very next day.

Customers’ house of horrors

Creaky floorboards

Creeeak, creeeak… it’s the sound of the monster slowly making its way down the hallway. Or maybe it’s that really creaky floorboard that needs fixing.

If your customers need saving from noisy flooring, Engineered Wood Flooring is the perfect solution. It has a real wood top layer, so it looks just like natural wood, but it’s quicker and cheaper to install. Nothing scary about that.


Imagine your customer is in their house, minding their own business, and suddenly a chill goes down their spine. Maybe it’s a malevolent presence, watching their every move. Or it could be a draught from an old window or door. It’s hard to tell sometimes…

To keep those pesky chills at bay, we’d recommend Timber Windows. They’re lovely to look at while keeping the great British weather where it belongs – and they’re carbon neutral.

That means your customers won’t get a scare when they look at their heating bills, either.

Disembodied voices

There’s nobody in the house. But you can still hear voices, laughter and weird banging sounds, as if the spirits of the past remain…

Either that, or your customer’s neighbour has bought a new drum kit.

Pop in branch so our experts can make some noise about our noise proofing products.

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