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BOB’s your (agony) uncle

Hi everyone, your favourite agony uncle BOB here, ready to solve all your building woes and fix your love life (or maybe not…).

“I’m building an extension on a house for the first time – what regulations do I need to follow?”
– Ned from Coventry

Ooh, Ned. Sounds like you’ve got yourself in a right pickle with this one…

Just kidding! Those regulations can be a right nightmare to keep track of.

As I’m sure you know, all extensions require building regulations, as they have an effect on your (or your customers’) home, garden and neighbours. You can’t just go erecting structures willy nilly.

In the first instance, it’s about deciding whether the home is suitable for an extension, looking at whether it would affect access, movement in and around the home and natural light in existing rooms. Also consider the original materials and construction techniques – would they jar with the extension?

Once you’ve got all that sorted out, you will need to get the plans drawn up to be approved by the local council’s building control team.

The plans need to cover things like damp proofing, insulation, sound proofing, roof style, drainage, fire safety, stairs… there’s a lot to think about.

If you’re still scratching your head, Ned, I really do think it’s worth getting in touch with the Build Aviator service available at Jewson – it helps builders design and build fully compliant projects.

Probably better than writing to an agony aunt (sorry, uncle!) anyway…

If you’re still not sure, the Build Aviator service is available at Jewson – just pop in branch.