Builder life hacks
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Builder life hacks

Think you’ve got this building gig nailed, right? Wrong! We are about to transform your life (yes, literally) with these nifty hacks.

Grab a brew and kick back…

In the van

Steering wheel burning your hands after being parked in the sun all day? Just turn the wheel 180 degrees when you park up. Now you’ll always get the cool side when you get back in the van for your next job!

It’s not just inside the van where you can take advantage of easy hacks either. It’s inevitable that you’ll pick up a lot of hitch-hiking bugs while travelling between jobs. Try giving your grille a spritz of non-stick cooking spray to clean them away with ease. Who knew?

Avoid the rust

Toolboxes are prone to the odd bit of rust, but this simple hack can help you protect your kit. Create your very own silica pouch using an old bit of breathable fabric, silica crystal cat litter and a zip tie. Then just leave it in the bottom of your toolbox to absorb any moisture.

Keep a level head

Regularly find yourself without a spirit level? Well, Apple has a hidden one tucked away in the Compass app. Now you’ll always have a spirit level on the go, no matter what the job. Soz Android users.

Client wins

Fancy earning some extra client brownie points? Did you know you can actually turn your drill into an electric scrubbing brush? Hello super quick cleaning!