1. Don’t just stick a plaster on it – improving mental health in construction

    9th May 2019

    The building trade is often associated with hard work and a ‘can-do’ attitude – always getting the job done, come rain or shine. As a…

  2. Builder life hacks

    25th July 2018

    Think you’ve got this building gig nailed, right? Wrong! We are about to transform your life (yes, literally) with these nifty hacks. Grab a brew…

  3. Bob on about mental health

    28th June 2018

    Mental health remains one of the hardest subjects to talk about. But, ironically, opening up is often the first step to tackling issues. Clive Johnson,…

  4. Trades just wanna have fun(ds)

    28th June 2018

    There’s no denying it – there’s a construction skills shortage hitting the industry hard at the moment. So it might be music to your ears…

  5. Summer site survival kit

    28th June 2018

    Have you heard? Apparently we’re set for a “three month heat wave”. Or as we like to call it: summer. Working in a trade, it’s…

  6. The world’s most iconic stadiums

    26th April 2018

    We don’t know about you, but we’ve noticed a lot of people talking about football recently. Something about the best mug in the world? Or…

  7. BOB’s guide to…people pleasing

    29th June 2017

    Everyone knows that it’s important to keep your customers as happy as Larry (or Keith, or Jane, or whatever their name is). But we’ve all…

  8. Cover Up, Mate!

    28th June 2017

    Burn, baby burn! Or, don’t. Pink, stinging skin isn’t exactly what you need when you’re trying to relax after a hard day of graft. And…

  9. How I Built My…with Jordan the Branch Manager

    3rd May 2017

    Jordan McMichael is the Branch Manager at Jewson Gainsborough. He’s achieved a lot since completing his Jewson apprenticeship scheme.