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Summer site survival kit

Have you heard? Apparently we’re set for a “three month heat wave”. Or as we like to call it: summer.

Working in a trade, it’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time out in this blazing sunshine – so we’ve put together a summer site survival pack to get you through.

Here’s what you’ll need.


When we talk about good site sunglasses, unfortunately the cheap “Roy Bons” you got in Majorca 10 years ago aren’t going to cut it. You need something that will stand up to both the sun and everything site life throws at you.

That’s where safety sunglasses come in. We like this pair from Build-2-Pro.

They have UV protection and will guard your eyes from flying particles and the like. And they make you look like someone from The Matrix.


As a rule, people need to drink two litres of water a day – so if you’re grafting all day on-site, we’re willing to bet you’re going to need more than this.

This beast from Chilly’s is a bit of an investment, but it’ll keep your drink cold ALL day and make sure you get enough while you’re at it.

Your mates will be congratulating you for how hydrated you look in no time… honest.


You might have heard the kids talking about a lot of “shade” these days (nice that they’re so sun safe all of a sudden).

We know that shade can be hard to come by on-site, so why not buy yourself a personal sun shelter and set up camp at break times?

Everyone will think you’re pretty cool (especially the site manager).



OK, so maybe we got a bit carried away with the personal sun shelter thing but let us tell you – we are serious about sun cream.

If you only take one thing away from this list, let it be this: wear sun cream! Make sure it’s at least factor 15 and you reapply it regularly. And if you see a mate getting sunburnt, you march right over there and put suncream on them.

Find out more about how to stay sun safe here. Your skin will thank you.


Because, realistically, how long is this heat wave really going to last?