1. News

    A Chip Off The Old Concrete Block

    28th October 2019

    When it comes to essential building products, old habits die hard – we like what we know and we know what we like. This is…

  2. Advice

    Trevor’s Top Tips For Tool Hire

    25th October 2019

    From high-end excavators to your everyday drills, you can guarantee that you’ll be hiring tools for most jobs but are you taking the right precautions?…

  3. Off site

    Jewson Studios Presents: In-the-trade Spooky Movie Mashups

    18th October 2019

    Everyone loves a good pun – especially at Halloween. We’ve been up in the attic and uncovered five bone-chilling horror movie posters, all classic films…

  4. Advice

    Handmade (Bricks) With Love

    5th October 2019

    If you’re a regular reader of this lovely blog (of course you are! It’s a font of knowledge) you’ll know all about the varieties of…

  5. Advice

    Eat Right On-Site: Top Tips For Being Healthy At Work

    22nd September 2019

    You’re a fit lot, we know that. You’re on your feet grafting for 8, 10, 12 hours a day, so we’re not here to lecture…

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    4 Things You Need To Know Heading Into The Rugby Union World Cup

    21st September 2019

    Rugby Union, ‘egg chasing’, ‘the one that’s not football’, whatever you want to call it, has its World Cup coming up this week! The competition…

  1. Advice

    Tool Good To Resist: The Top 5 Upselling No Brainers

    18th September 2019

    Upselling – some people are natural salesman but for others it can be a tricky technique to master. But believe it or not, it’s not…

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    The Jewson Dream Team

    17th September 2019

    After a long, and let’s face it rather subpar summer, European football is back. Now you have an excuse to not only cram in the…

  3. Advice

    Avoid Hitting A Wall When It Comes To Brick Blending: The hows, dos and don’ts of getting the perfect match

    5th September 2019

    We know how tricky it can be to match a brick, so we’ve spoken to our friends at Imperial Bricks, one of the UK’s leading…