1. Advice

    Need For Speed: Top Tips to Speed Up Your Build

    19th August 2019

    As the old phrase goes, “time is money”, and this is never truer than when you’re building, extending or renovating a property. To keep costs…

  2. News

    Anchor’s Away! RNLI’S Renovated Lifeboat Station Almost Ready To Set Sail

    15th August 2019

    Since 2015, our Building Better Communities campaign has awarded over £800,000 in building materials to over 100 local building projects. This year, we will be…

  3. Advice

    SAP Report? Want To Get It Sorted ASAP?

    23rd July 2019

    Completing a SAP assessment can be a tricky business. For starters you need information on all of this: U-values for walls, floors and roofs Thermal…

  4. News

    5 Apps That Make Site Life Simpler

    23rd July 2019

    If there’s one thing that all trades have in common, it’s that they’re always looking for better ways to work, that make life simpler and…

  5. News

    Using Local Bricks – A Thing of the Past?

    11th July 2019

    When you’re driving around the country in your van, you can’t fail to notice that the bricks used in different areas vary a lot. What…

  6. Past projects

    Whiteley’s Retreat

    3rd July 2019

      Whiteleys Retreat offers short therapeutic breaks to children, young people and their families with cancer & life altering illnesses across the UK. We will…
  1. Past projects

    Veterans’ Retreat

    3rd July 2019

    The building industry is similar to the military in terms of the sense of purpose, camaraderie, focus on planning and operations and realisation that risk…
  2. Off site

    Tools out for summer: a trades’ guide to summer 2019 activities

    1st July 2019

    It’s made an admittedly drizzly entrance, but summer 2019 is officially here. From beer festivals to snail racing, there’s a lot going on in the…

  3. Past projects

    Sandwick School Observatory

    1st July 2019

    To design and build a timber framed observatory to house a restored local made telescope. Project location Sandwick, Shetland Islands Prize Won £5,000