1. Advice

    All I Want for Christmas Is… Screws: The Ultimate Trademas Songs

    23rd December 2019

    It’s Christmaaaaaaaaaaas (well nearly) and you know what that means a few days off, loads of grub and your fair share of body spray gift…

  2. Advice

    Getting Ahead with Build Aviator

    18th December 2019

    Ben Tullett from JEM Contractors and Maintenance Ltd comments on his experience using the Build Aviator software and the benefits this has had on his…

  3. News

    Whatever the Weather – Keeping Safe With Winter PPE

    17th December 2019

    Daylight may reduce throughout winter, but that doesn’t stop us hard-working tradesmen.   Our working hours are as long as ever, which means working in…

  4. News

    Wrapping up your tools for winter

    29th November 2019

    Winter may be the perfect time for Sunday strolls and pub lunches in front of an open fire, but for keeping your tools in pristine…

  5. Advice

    Kammy, Quizzes & Plenty of Freebies… Jewson Live is Back!

    22nd November 2019

    It’s that time of year again. We’re getting through a can of de-icer a week, you need to put on an extra pair of socks…

  6. Advice

    The Right Way To Get Plastered

    14th November 2019

    Plasterboard, it’s the bread and butter of most projects. We use it regularly, but are we really using the best products for the job-in-hand? Simply…

  1. News

    A Chip Off The Old Concrete Block

    28th October 2019

    When it comes to essential building products, old habits die hard – we like what we know and we know what we like. This is…

  2. Advice

    Trevor’s Top Tips For Tool Hire

    25th October 2019

    From high-end excavators to your everyday drills, you can guarantee that you’ll be hiring tools for most jobs but are you taking the right precautions?…

  3. Off site

    Jewson Studios Presents: In-the-trade Spooky Movie Mashups

    18th October 2019

    Everyone loves a good pun – especially at Halloween. We’ve been up in the attic and uncovered five bone-chilling horror movie posters, all classic films…