1. News

    Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

    8th February 2021

    It’s the UK’s National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) and apprentices are getting the recognition they deserve! It’s a week that shines the spotlight on apprentices and…

  2. Advice

    The Hidden Benefits of Concealed Shower Valves

    4th February 2021

    If you’re taking on a bathroom renovation, you can well expect to be shown a Pinterest board full of spa-like inspo images from your customer,…

  3. Advice

    A TuffStuff® Guide To GRP Flat Roofing

    29th January 2021

    Leaks – the word every tradesperson dreads after they’ve installed a flat roof. It’s what we all want to avoid, so when you’re installing a flat roof for your customer, it’s really important that you deliver a job that will not only…

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    The Lowdown On New Financial Support For Trades

    13th January 2021

    It can’t have escaped your notice that we’re now in a third lockdown and there have been some changes to the financial support that is…

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    Costing Up Your Green Homes Grant Jobs

    14th December 2020

    If you’re taking on more work thanks to the Green Homes Grant, you may be finding it harder to put aside the time to quote…

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    How To Get Accredited To Do Work Under The Green Homes Grant

    27th November 2020

    You might have heard the words ‘Green Homes Grant’ being talked about in the news or even spotted the phrase on our website. The good…

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    Staying Safe While Working In People’s Homes

    17th November 2020

    You might have noticed your customers asking a lot more questions about you doing work in their homes during the pandemic. Making sure you’re wearing…

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    How To Sell Loft Insulation Upgrades As Part Of The Green Homes Grant

    26th October 2020

    If you’ve seen news about the Green Homes Grant circulating then you’ll know that there are plenty of jobs you can take on under the…

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    The Lowdown On Changes To Support For Small Businesses

    20th October 2020

    It can be a bit tricky to keep on top of all the updates when it comes to financial support for businesses at the moment.…