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BOB’s your (agony) uncle – building materials

Hi everyone, your favourite agony uncle BOB here, ready to solve all your building woes and fix your love life (or maybe not…) in our regular feature.

If I use different materials from those in the original design plan, will my project still get Building Control sign off?
– Agnes, Devon

Now there’s a predicament, Agnes! Material substitutions are actually one of the biggest barriers to achieving compliance on building projects.

The reason for this is that if you don’t follow the design, which includes specific products, you run the risk of not passing your SAP assessment, and you won’t get that project signed off. Nightmare.

What’s worse, you may have to spend more precious pennies in remedial repairs to guarantee sign off from Building Control at the very end of the build.

So, my dear Agnes, I’m afraid the answer is that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to swap building materials.

However, with the Build Aviator service available at Jewson, you’ll be given a bill of materials for your build in the exact quantities required. All you need to do is take that list to your local Jewson branch and they’ll do the rest.

That cuts out a lot of hassle now, doesn’t it?

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