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#JewsonChoice: Sustainable insulation

As energy costs continue to rise and building regulations become ever more stringent, now’s the time to take a good look at the insulation you use.

Reducing heat loss from a building will always be the main consideration. By doing this you’re also lowering the amount of energy used for heating. This means less CO2 emissions and lower costs. The right insulation can also improve acoustic control and fire protection.

Sustainable insulation products can do all this and more. Here’s just some of the products we supply:

1. Isover Mineral Wool: Glass Wool Insulation

Isover G3 Touch is a high performance, robust yet gentle mineral wool. It still has the same great performance you’re used to, but it is now even easier to install, and is kinder on the environment.  The fact it’s made from up to 86% recycled glass – which is diverted from landfill – helps it achieve an A+ BRE Green Guide rating.

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2. Recticel Insulation: PIR Insulation

Recticel’s high performance PIR insulation products are composed of a polyisocyanurate foam core with a closed cell structure. Each product is designed and manufactured to deliver the lowest environmental impact possible, and enjoys an A rating under the BRE Green Guide.

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3. Rockwool Firesafe Insulation: Stone Wool Insulation

Made primarily from volcanic rock, this product offers excellent acoustic insulation and fire protection, and is a great thermal insulator. It also conserves more energy and reduces emissions over its life than is emitted during its manufacture.

With a typical A+ or A ratings in the Green Guide to Specification, it’s no surprise that rock mineral wool insulation products are a popular choice.

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4. Black Mountain Natuwool: Sheep Wool Insulation

This UK hill-farmed sheep wool insulation allows the structure to breathe and its thermal performance is not compromised by moisture, reducing the risk of consequential mould and bacteria activity.

Sheep’s wool and Hemp Insulation also have a very good thermal mass that helps improve heat retention, and maximise thermal efficiency. They are user friendly which makes them easy to install and ideal for use in timber frames walls, period properties and loft insulation.

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To find out more about our sustainable insulation products, pop into your local Jewson branch or visit the insulation section of our website.