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London calling: cracking the capital

The bright lights and (let’s face it) financial clout of London makes it a big target in construction.

But it can be a difficult environment for small and medium-sized builders and developers (SMEs) due to sky-high land values and that ever-elusive funding.

Our friends over at Greenworks have taken a look at how you could overcome some of the obstacles.

Find your niche

Being known for a particular, niche product, whether that’s eco-friendly developments, affordable housing or something else, can help you compete with bigger companies. Regularly showing your ideas to councils can make the process of securing business and permissions much smoother.

Get official

No, not Facebook official. One way that larger developers get a leg-up is employing specialists who can build up relationships with relevant officials over time. It’s therefore well worth learning about what makes these officials tick.

Seize the day

Let’s face it, with plans to build at least 42,000 homes a year for the next twenty years, the Mayor’s office is going to need all the help from SMEs it can get. But until they realise that, it’s a case of seizing every opportunity you can.

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