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Fill Your Skills Gap

We all know that a lack of young, skilled workers is one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry.

With more and more people turning their backs on university, apprenticeships present a huge opportunity for employers.

We’re here to give some helpful tips whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship or, an apprentice!

3 tips for hiring an apprentice

  1. Get involved with the National Apprenticeship Service. Register your interest – they’re very helpful when it comes to advertising your apprenticeship
  2. Look for a grant. Not Hugh Grant, we mean an apprenticeship grant of £1,500. You could be eligible if your apprentice is aged 16-24 and you have fewer than 500 employees
  3. Iron out an apprenticeship agreement, so you have the details in writing. There’s a useful template on the Government’s website

3 tips if you’re looking for an apprenticeship

  1. Again, the National Apprenticeship Service is very helpful indeed. Check for openings there or research companies you’re interested in (Jewson has some great apprenticeship opportunities: hint hint!)
  2. Chat, chat, chat! Talk to as many people as you can to soak up their advice and expertise
  3. Once you’ve got onto the team, become indispensable. Be polite, work hard and don’t hold back if you have any ideas. Remember, your boss hired you because they wanted fresh blood and ideas in the team, so make the most of it!