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The Many Faces of Building

We recently came across a Buzzfeed article of faces builders would recognise, and we couldn’t help but relate to it.

Working in the construction sector, we all know there is nothing more frustrating than getting a call from a difficult customer or receiving a last minute job on Friday afternoon.


Here are some builders’ faces that we can relate to:

The ‘are you sure these measurements are right’ face


The ‘this seemed like a good idea at the time’ face


The ‘I can’t hear myself think’ face


The ‘I’ll go and stick the kettle on’ face


We’d love to see examples of the builder faces you’ve seen! Tweet us your pictures to @Jewson or send them in to our Facebook page.

For the full list of faces, visit: www.buzzfeed.com/nellfrizzell/builder-faces#.txK2Exnq