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The world’s most iconic stadiums

We don’t know about you, but we’ve noticed a lot of people talking about football recently. Something about the best mug in the world? Or a vase? Some kind of cup, anyway…

It’s got us thinking about football stadiums. Some of them are quite literally some of the best examples of construction in the world.

Let’s have a look at our favourites.

Aztec stadium

Back when it opened in the 60s, people had never seen anything like this. Then, when the globe cup… bowl… tournament was played there, it was the first time British audiences had seen it in colour.


Heeey, Maracanã. Opened in 1950, this Rio stadium is an absolute icon. It’s hosted a huge range of global sporting events. It was done up before the worldwide football match in 2014 and the global sports day in Rio 2016. Bit of home improvement never goes amiss…

Old Wembley

Do we even need to say anything about this absolute bastion of British culture? The day they knocked the Wembley Twin Towers down was a sad day for us all (although great for demolition contractors).

Stade de Suisse

A wonderful stadium, but we include it here solely for its previous name: the Wankdorf Stadium. We fail to see what’s funny about that…


You’d be hard pressed to find a stadium with more history than this one. Built in 1936 for a certain important sporting event, you can imagine the things it’s seen since then. It rose from the ashes after unification, and England beat Germany 5-1 there once. Whey!