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The Budget: BOB’s guide to what you need to know

Earlier this week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer set out his 2017 budget plans. In between the ooo’s and the aah’s from the rowdy audience, there was a lot of number crunching and casual references to MILLIONS of pounds. “But how does the budget affect us?” I hear you ask.

Well, here are five tradespeople-takeaways that BOB learnt from the budget.

  1. Pricey pints: tax on alcohol is on the up for the first time in five years – with a pint of beer costing an extra 2p
  2. Skills, skills, skills: there was some mercy for the younger generation of construction workers, with the introduction of T-Levels (technical qualifications), a 50% boost of training hours and more money in the bank in the form of university-esque maintenance loans for people doing higher-level technical courses. Hammond also promised £300m to back 1,000 new PhD places and fellowships in STEM subjects
  3. Drive on: transport was up there, with £690m going towards helping pinch points on local roads and public transport, and a further £220m to help ease congestion on national roads. Could that mean less van-time?
  4. Future of tech: with a £270m fund to back research and innovation, AI and robotics might be the next big thing on the construction site
  5. Philip Hammond has all of the sass: no seriously, check out these zingers…



Paul Waugh