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Jewson Apprenticeship Blog – Amy Edwards

As part of National Apprentice Week 2015, we’re catching up with our very own Amy Edwards who has just completed her Customer Service NVQ at the Jewson Loughborough branch. Read on to hear from Amy about her experience as an apprentice and what she thinks about working in the world of construction.

How did you get into the industry?

“A relative told me about the apprenticeship positions available at Jewson and recommended that I apply. I must admit, it’s not something I would’ve normally considered, but the role at Jewson offered great variety, with the opportunity to move around a lot.”

Tell us about your role…what do you enjoy most?

“Being a Customer Service apprentice involved many dynamic job responsibilities. Sometimes I would be doing sales work in the shop; face to face with customers and clients, but then another day I would be going out into the yard and learning hands on about the construction industry.”

What is the best thing about construction?image4

“I like that there is a lot to learn. Whether that’s how to interact with customers, till systems, or products, every day I’m learning something new and I enjoy the challenge. When making sales in the branch I like how I’m on the other side of the till and can see everything that goes into a transaction.”

What do you think apprentices can bring to businesses?

“It’s good to have fresh faces in any company. With youth comes a different way of viewing things, and an enthusiasm to succeed. Everyone was a novice at some point, so I really don’t see that as a disadvantage!”

image6How should we encourage young people to join the industry?

“I think we should use young people to speak to other young people. We should tell them about all of the opportunities that are out there and that construction plays a part all over the world. Everyone I’ve met since working as an apprentice has been fantastic and very supportive.”

Any advice for upcoming apprentices?

“Talk to everyone you can! I’ve learnt so much from just listening to everyone; their expertise and advice is priceless when it comes to enhancing your knowledge within the sector. Apart from that, be polite, work hard, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions – the only stupid question is the one not asked!”

If you are interested in an apprenticeship at Jewson visit: http://www.jewson.co.uk/careers/

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