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Get a professional finish with our Self-Build guides

The beauty of Self-Build projects is that you can have everything your way; every specification and detail exactly how you want it. But transferring your vision into reality takes hard work and dedication, not to mention the right support along the way.

To help you do the best job possible we’re creating a series of useful Self-Build guides. Each step-by-step guide is packed with easy to follow hints and tips to get a professional finish.

The first guide in the series is ‘How to lay a floor’. In the coming months we’ll be looking at a range of other subjects, including the things to consider when kicking off a project, insulation types and advice on choosing the right timber for the job.


At Jewson we’re perfectly placed to help with any project you’re undertaking. As well as being the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable timber and building materials, our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer fantastic customer service.

We know it can be expensive and time consuming to learn through trial and error, and these guides are just one of the ways we’re sharing our vast expertise. After all we’ve been in business for 176 years, so it’s no surprise we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.

What guide would you like to see?

Is there a task you always struggle with, or would like to improve the finish of? If so, let us know and we may end up producing a Self-Build guide that talks about it. Leave a comment on this post with your suggestions.