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New scheme will help turn self builders’ dreams into realities

Recently, Housing Minister Brandon Lewis announced plans for a large scale custom-build housing pilot project in Basingstoke after the town had been chosen for a new scheme of 122 homes and affordable houses.

The plot will be made up of different levels of custom-build homes, as well as homes that are entirely self build.

This is all part of the Government’s plans to not only build more homes, but deliver homes that people want to live in. Currently, it’s estimated that around 13,000 people opt to self build every year. However if this pilot is successful, it could make self build a more attractive proposition to a wider range of people.

So why choose self build?

One of the great things about self build is that you can build a home that’s exactly as you want it to be. From start to finish, everything is your decision.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, self build could be the way to go. Building your own home means you can set the budget, and build precisely to meet your requirements and specification.

Of course you don’t have to go it totally alone, and how directly involved you get in the build is up to you. A popular option for managing a self build project is to employ a managing contractor to oversee the building work. This gives you a good balance between getting involved and overseeing what’s going on, while having a professional you can rely on to make sure the project stays on track. With the right mind set, anyone can self build.

However, two big obstacles remain for any aspiring self builder: access to land and finance. Add to that the red tape and regulations involved, and it is easy to understand why many don’t follow through with their desire to build a dream home. Thankfully, the new Self Build and Custom Housebuilding Act is going some way to help self builders cross these obstacles, but more work is needed to help make things easier for any dream builders.

The Basingstoke pilot project is now waiting for planning permission from Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council before construction can begin next year. If the project proves successful, it could be welcome news for many would-be self builders and a step in the right direction to helping us all live in homes that best suit our needs.