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BOB’s guide to the Great British BBQ

Throwing the perfect BBQ can be a tricky business so we’ve compiled everything you need to know to really earn that ‘king/queen of the grill’ apron.

Build the dream

Here’s where you can really put your tradesperson credentials to good use and create the ultimate shrine to all things meaty. Having a permanent brick structure in your back garden will really put the amateurs to shame and give you an excuse to BBQ every day.

Presenting your masterpiece

The first bite is with the eye. So those greasy paper plates and soggy napkins just aren’t going to cut it. If you’re a regular BBQ-er, why not invest in some wooden plates and platters? They’ll look super fancy and will survive even the most raucous of parties.

The charcoal

Charcoal flavoured everything is now a thing. While we might take some convincing on the charcoal coffee and ice cream, the right charcoal really adds flavour to even the most basic of burgers. Look for pressed charcoal briquettes with smoking woods or lump charcoal for the best flavour.


The key to throwing the perfect BBQ is preparing everything in advance. Go adventurous and get marinating the meat. And
don’t forget a few token salads…