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BOB’s guide to… the ultimate Christmas sandwich

The on-site butty is an absolute institution. But now we’re getting to the festive season, we reckon it’s time to up your lunch game a bit.

That’s why we’ve found the ULTIMATE Christmas sandwich, served at festive markets, which you need to make for yourself (and your mates, if you’re feeling in the giving spirit).

To start with, forget bread. For this, you’re going to need that Sunday roast staple, an ENORMOUS Yorkshire pudding. Get it cooked and we can get going.

Once your pud is ready, layer in some mushed up carrots, swede and other such festive vegetables.

Now, choose your protein. Add beef, pulled pork, pulled chicken, turkey, tofu… whatever floats your boat.

Cover this in mash to create layers of different texture.

Get the gravy and stuffing on.

Roll up the Yorkshire pudding into a kind of weird festive burrito and press it in a sandwich maker, panini press, George Forman grill or similar to seal it