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Winter is coming (eventually)

Spring is all about flowers, wearing shorts for the first time in month, actually being able to see the sun… but it’s also about insulation, obviously!

Yep. Because although it’s nice and toasty now, if you’re working on a project, insulation is a huge priority regardless of the time of year. It’s also rather nifty at keeping heat out, don’t you know?

Here are Isover’s top tips to ensure your customers stay nice and toasty using their pitched roof rafter insulation, Metac.

Get woolly

No, not jumpers! We mean high performance glass mineral wool, like Metac.

It’ll keep your customers warm by minimising heat loss and reducing heating bills. But, importantly, it’s easy to fit accurately and quickly within pitched roof rafters without gaps.

That means less waste on site and you’ll achieve the U-values required by Building Regulations in a cost effective way.

It’s oh so quiet…

Homeowners in urban areas are often affected by noises such as planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention awful weather (it won’t be Spring forever!).

That means it’s important to choose an insulation for loft living that has excellent acoustic properties as well as thermal performance – which Metac has in spades.

Don’t be thick

If the project doesn’t call for it, that is. Metac comes in a variety of thicknesses (50mm – 200mm) so it suits a variety of projects and allows you to meet a range of U-values.

To find out more about the Metac range, visit www.isover.co.uk/metac