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Whose ‘tache is it anyway?

As it’s Movember, there’s been a fair amount of facial fluff at Jewson lately. That means we moustache you a question…

Do the below ‘taches belong to celebrities or trades? Bonus points if you can tell us who they are…

Tell us how you did and share your ‘tache pictures with us on Facebook for a chance to WIN a site radio.









Top left: Trade – it’s Addam Smith from Band of Builders!
Top right: Trade – it’s our Jewson team member, Aaron McAllister, who’s been raising money for Movember! Donate here: https://uk.movember.com/mospace/13493684
Bottom left: Celeb – it’s Leo DiCaprio
Bottom right: Celeb – and king of moustaches. Yep, it’s Tom Selleck.