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How would you fancy winning £10,000 in, cold, hard, cash?

We’ve teamed up with our pals at TV channel, Quest, to offer you the chance to win.

Alongside the big money prize we’re giving away one of six ultimate Tank driving experiences to celebrate the new series of Combat Dealers.

The new show airs from Tuesday 10th January at 9pm on Freeview channel 37, Youview channel 37, Virgin Media channel 172 and Sky channel 144.

For those of you not familiar with the programme, larger than life Bruce Crompton, an afficiando of military vehicles and equipment, buys, fixes up and sells World War II kit.

Always keen on the pursuit of a profit but also to understand more about the history of the pieces he finds, Bruce and his small army of experts travel the world in search of rare artifacts and objects they can restore and resell.





In the spirit of all things combat, we’ve collected five fun facts you didn’t know about tanks:

  1. The British invented the tank during WW1.
  2. The largest tank ever built was PanzerkampfwagenVIII Maus (aka “Mouse”) a German World War II super-heavy tank, weighing an incredible 188 tonnes!
  3. Believe it or not, tanks can actually move at about 25 miles per hour on flat terrain and up to 45 miles per hour on roads! Some tanks have even gone as fast as 60 to 70 miles per hour for short periods of time.
  4. The most expensive tank in the world is valued at a whopping $12.6 million!
  5. Bruce Compton, star of Combat Dealers has ‘taught tanks’ to the likes of Tom Hanks (for Saving Private Ryan) and Brad Pitt (Saving Private Ryan).

Tank tastic!

For your chance to WIN Enter here.

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