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What’s cooking: giving advice on kitchens for customers

We’ve got everything and the kitchen sink at Jewson, literally.

We recently talked to our kitchen guru, Alex Moore, from our Congleton branch, to get all the info you need to know on helping your customer choose the right kitchen.

1. Visit a showroom
Visiting a showroom can help your customer find the kitchen of their dreams so we’d definitely recommend them popping in to see our designs. It also means they can speak to our helpful experts who really know their stuff. From inception, to project managing the whole process, they can help you and your customer every step of the way.


2. Consider at least two different designs
It might surprise you how far your customer’s budget can stretch. By considering more designs and different ranges, you can develop a clearer idea of which kitchen is right for your customer and establish the budget that they’ll need for any added must-have extras.

3. Visualise your kitchen
We can provide a service that showcases 3D visuals of different styles and finishes, giving you a great representation of what your customer’s kitchen may well look like.


It could be beneficial for you to re-create the floor plans of the design in the room – this would give you a sense of space and how the kitchen would flow and how the circulation would work. In doing so, this will help you give your customer a much better idea of how the end-result will look.

4. Don’t judge a book (or kitchen) by its cover
It’s common when considering a new kitchen to only think about the appearance – from cabinet doors and worktops, to appliances. However, we would advise looking at the quality of the units/carcases, especially the density and thickness – as this would determine the longevity of the units. The carcases are the workhorse of the kitchen and the better the quality, the more likely they will stand the test of time.

Other things for you and your customer to consider would be the types of drawer/drawer runners, hinges (robust metal) and the type of back panels provided.


5. The true cost
There is not only the kitchen units, worktops and appliances to consider when buying a kitchen. There’s much more to think about, including:
• Flooring
• Wall Panelling/ Tiles
• Lighting
• Accessories – Cutlery trays/storage units
• Recycling/Bins
• Shelving – books
• Seating areas
• Paint and decorating

This can be a bit overwhelming for your customer, but it’s a great time for you to share your helpful tips and advice for some added-value customer service.

If you want some extra help, our design consultants can provide expertise and suggestions on how to bring everything together within budget.

To find out more, or book an appointment at your local showroom, visit: www.jewsonkitchens.co.uk