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What’s cooking? Five winning kitchen trends to wow your customers

According to the latest home improvement report from Barclays, more than half of homeowners in the UK would rather give their homes a makeover than move. And, topping the wish list of ultimate home-improvements desires is a designer kitchen.

Following the recent launch of our new Jewson kitchen showroom in Oxford, we’ve put together five on-trend ideas that you can recommend to your customer to give their kitchen the wow-factor.

Every man is an island…

…Or so the saying goes. Well, we’re re-writing it to every man, or woman, needs an island…a kitchen island! Offering a winning combination of both casual dining and bonus storage, an island has become a staple in designer kitchens everywhere. It’s also a great way of bringing your kitchen design to life by emphasising the style of worktop, colour of tile or choice of wood.Island kitchen trendEver heard of broken-plan?

Unable to make a decision between closed and open-plan living, the design world has agreed to meet in the middle. Broken-plan living is all about taking the space, light and fluidity of open-plan and combining it with the privacy and intimacy of separate rooms. Using half walls, clever shelving and split levels, broken-plan gives people a great space for social gatherings while still being able to avoid the washing up! Which takes us nicely onto trend number three…

Gloves at the ready!

We’ve spent a lifetime avoiding the washing up, but today’s range of designer sinks and taps will have everyone reaching for the marigolds. From taps that instantly pour filtered and boiling water, to seamless sinks that blend in with the worktop and splashback, designers are embracing innovation to create some truly beautiful finishes.

Seamless sinks kitchen trendSay hello to the storage of the future!

Transforming nooks and crannies into perfectly placed glassware cupboards and pull-out larders, today’s ingenious storage solutions are all about making the most of previously unused areas in the kitchen to maximise organisation and space in the kitchen.

Get a grip!

Handle-less kitchens are all the rage. Featuring a continuous groove built into the top of the cabinet, handle-less doors offer a sleeker finish compared to traditional kitchens. This look works particularly well in high-gloss, contemporary kitchens with a minimalistic style.

Handle-less kitchens trend

For more kitchen-design ideas, request your copy of our ‘By Design Kitchens’ brochure here, or visit your nearest Jewson branch for more information.