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What your onsite mug says about you…

Have you reached a point in your life where you just can’t figure out
who you even are anymore? Tricky one that, but luckily, we’re here to

Rediscover your true identity by fishing out your on-site mug and finding out what it says about you.

“The Boss” mug

You think you’re the boss. The don. The ruler of these lands. Loved and feared by all in equal measure. A natural leader. Top dog, both on-site and at home.

Everyone else thinks you’re a bit of an idiot.

Self-stirring mug

What, like you have time to STIR liquid inside a mug?! You are officially the biggest and most important person on-site.

You do not suffer fools, or unstirred beverages, gladly. You don’t have time
for anyone’s nonsense. You say what you think, and in turn can often be heard saying “I say what I think, yeah?”

You, my friend, will go a long way (before everyone else discovers you have no clue what you’re doing).

“ICK” mug

There’s this mug, right, that has big black lettering saying “ICK” it. This, combined with the faintly D-shaped handle, evokes a bit of a funny word.

You have this mug. You drink from it, and point it subtly towards those you think are an ick.

King of banter. Admin of the group chat. Lover of pranks. An endless source of funny videos. You are the clown and you love it. You ick.

NAME’s mug

You have a mug with your name on it. Or maybe even one step further your milk and sugar preferences. Mate. A mug. With your name on it.

You, have officially made it. This is it. This is the pinnacle of life, of existence. Not only do you have a great job, you’re so settled in it that you’re sure you can buy a mug, with your name on it, that will inhabit the site kitchen cupboard.

People will see it and think “Ah yeah, NAME. That’s their mug. What a top trade.” Everyone wants to be you. Well done.


“A mug?” you’re saying, reading this, “a MUG?!”

No. This won’t do. It just won’t do. You’re a flask person.

Want your drink piping hot? Flask. Freezing cold? Flask. At the temperature, you put it in the flask? Flask.

Mugs, with their open tops and heat losing capacities. You’re smarter than that. You ’re a lateral thinker. You watched University Challenge and got one right, one time.

You’re the on-site problem solver. The person with all the answers. And the answer is definitely not “a mug.”

“Keep calm, I’m a builder” mug

Not even going to humour you by defining your personality based on this mug. Just leave, now. We’re serious.