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Under the sea!

We were amazed when we were told that Jewson bags are being used in a rather unique way – 40m below the surface of the North Sea.

Our Tool Hire Specialist, Alan Mann based in the Kilmarnock branch explains: “My friend Andrew Bone, is a Mine Dive Technician for an oil rig company and he recently sent me pictures of his colleagues using our Jewson bags deep down in the North Sea, just off Denmark.

“Andrew and his colleagues have to take cables down to the sea bed, however as some of them are very lightweight, they need to attach them to a dead weight to take them to the bottom. That’s where our Jewson bags have come in handy as they have been filling the bags with sand and tying the cables to them, so they’re easily dragged down to the bed – making their working day a lot easier.

“To bring the bags back up to the surface, they empty the sand onto the bed and re-fill them again back at the top.”

Do you have any interesting stories like this? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to know all about them!

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