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Hey there, sports fan!

We know you tradespeople like your sports. From local to national, cups to leagues, football to cricket, there aren’t many forms you’d shy away from. And we don’t blame you! Is there a better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with a beer in one hand and the weekend fixtures on the TV?

We recently put your sporting acumen to the test in a survey. The results are in…

Football took an early lead, with a whopping 49 per cent of you choosing it as your number one sport. Formula 1 narrowly missed out on pole position with a respectable 33 per cent of the vote, while Rugby League headed up the rear with just 8 per cent of the vote.Jewson sports survey 2017

When it comes to watching your sport, 63 per cent of you said bagging a slice of the live action is better than watching at home. And more than half of you go along to a live sporting event once or twice a year.

But it’s not just national sport that gets your attention, turns out you tradespeople love local, non-league sport just as much. Nearly 70 per cent said you’ve been to watch a non-league sporting match and over a third said you support your local team. Hear hear!

But what about the Olympics? It seems this isn’t really your bag, with a pretty conclusive 88 per cent of you confessing you’ve never been inspired to take up a new sport after watching. Pommel horse anyone?

The biggest revelation though was how much you tradespeople support grassroots sport, with a staggering 87 per cent saying they’re should be more support for it.

Well, good news sports fans. We’re combining the two things you love the most – football and construction.

Last year, Jewson launched a new partnership with national charity, Street League, to tackle youth unemployment with the help of a good old kick about.

Street League uses the power of football to attract unemployed people aged 16 to 24 onto its award-winning Academy programme, of which there are 36 programmes running across the UK. On the course, participants develop key employability skills and acquire nationally-recognised qualifications over a 10-week period.

Since teaming up with Street League, Jewson has given several work placements to young people across the UK. Score!

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