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BOB’s 2018 summer quiz

As summers go, 2018’s has been pretty stand-out so far. From epic sporting achievements, to record-breaking temperatures, the last couple of months have been eventful. To bask in the (almost) glory, here’s a quiz to put your general knowledge to the test…

(Answers at the bottom: no peaking, you’re only cheating yourself!)

Get quizzy with it

Q1) Which celebrity couple announced their separation in July 2018?

Q2) This summer’s, erm, ‘major football tournament’ was responsible for soaring sales of which two popular BBQ items?

Q3) It’s had us all gripped to our TVs this summer, but where is Love Island actually filmed?

Q4) Who won the golden boot in a certain global football competition?

Q5) What was the name of the newest royal baby?

Q6) In pounds equivalent, how much is it estimated that Ronaldo will get paid every minute, following his move to Juventus?

Q7) June brought dinosaurs to movie theatres up and down the UK, but what was the full title of the film in question?

Q8) Which M&S item ran out of stock due to the rising popularity of a certain football star?

Q9) Andy Murray pulled out of Wimbledon 2018 due to an injury, but what did he injure?

Q10) The temperature in one UK town soared to 33°C in June, but which country was this town in?


Q1) Cheryl & Liam Payne Q2) Sausages & burgers Q3) Majorca Q4) Harry Kane Q5) Louis Arthur Charles Q6) £50.64 per minute Q7) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Q8) Waistcoat Q9) Hip Q10) Wales

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