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Top of the Tools 2017… and the winners are…

From general elections to Uber bans, 2017 was what you might call… eventful.

But we realise that what you REALLY want to know is this: which were the most popular tools hired from Jewson?!

Well, fret no more. We’re here with the ONLY “Best of 2017” list you need.

And the nominees are…

Diggers and dumpers

Whether you wanted to dig it up or get rid of it, you guys loved diggers, dumpers and excavators in 2017. The earth definitely moved.

Large dehumidifiers

Humidity was like, so last year. That’s why large dehumidifiers were clearing the air on sites all over the country in 2017.

Plate compactors

An indispensable feature on any site, our plate compactors made short work of soil, gravel and other detritus.

12” disc cutters

Slicing its way through our Top of the Tools list like… well, a disc cutter… it’s 12” disc cutters!

Electric cement mixers

Where would we be without cement mixers? Holding handfuls of gravel and sand, that’s where! That’s why they’re an essential part of our Tool Hire top hitters list.

Road breakers

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads… because we’ve broken them all up with a road breaker.

But the winner is…

Demolition hammers

Demolishing ALL the other contenders, it’s La La Land!

Oh no, wait. It’s demolition hammers. Definitely demolition hammers. This is not a joke.

A worthy winner, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Our Tool Hire Guide is available now from a branch near you – or just click here.