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The perfect match – your check list for matching bricks

We’ve all had a good laugh at the dodgy attempts at brick matching doing the rounds online. But making sure an extension or repair job doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb is a tricky business. We’ve put together these handy hints to make sure you get it right every time.


The best way to get an accurate match is to get one of our brick experts to come along to your site. Don’t be afraid to ask, it’s something we’re happy to do so we can check out the project for ourselves. We’ll have a look at the original bricks, their colour and texture, and we can even try to work out how they were produced, be that wire-cut, handmade or stock. All of this information will make the matching process even smoother.

2. Get your facts straight

If you’d rather come in to speak to one of the team, make sure you’re prepared with the exact details of the job. This should include the size of the project, colour of the bricks (a close-up picture is a good starting point if there are no spare bricks to hand) and the previous manufacturer if you can find that out. The cost of a job can vary dramatically, so any information you can bring along will help us get the first quote as accurate as possible.

3. Begin at the beginning

It really will make a difference if you can find out the original manufacturer of the bricks. Product catalogues will help narrow down the selection process, they’ll give you all the available colours and brick types in one place.

4. Is the perfect match too good to be true?

Unfortunately, there may be times when getting the perfect brick match isn’t possible. Like anything you buy, product lines and colours can be discontinued and some manufacturers stop producing altogether. If this is the case, all is not lost. Depending on your customer’s budget, you could look into brick treatment options to get as close to the original as possible. This is something that our team in branch will be able to help you with.


Following all these steps will hopefully mean you avoid becoming the next brick fail meme.

If you need further advice on brick matching for your latest project, visit your local Jewson branch or find out more information here.

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