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The Happy Club

Ran by volunteers, the Happy Club was set up in 2007 to provide support to families in Glasgow with children affected by a disability and autism. The Happy Club aims to ensure the families affected and the individuals themselves are able to enjoy a happy, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle, with various sessions available to help do so – from sports and arts activities to sessions providing respite and empathetic support.

As you can see from the images, areas of the club were extremely worn and run-down. The club have put various efforts in place to secure funds to improve the facility, not just for the families and those affected but the volunteers who selflessly provide their care and support on a daily basis.


The Happy Club’s efforts have not gone unmissed; the club was one of the shortlisted projects in our Building Better Communities competition but sadly, did not get awarded a prize. However, being such a worthy cause, our Wishaw branch recognised something had to be done. With so much time and dedication put into keeping the club running, the team pulled together and decided to give something back.

Branch Manager, Daniel Connelly and his team have supplied a range of building materials to the club to renovate the outside area, providing both a friendly and safe environment, supporting the children’s sensory perception. Here’s how the work started:


Additions to the outside area now include a sand pit, decking, grass area, fencing and white washed walls for the children to decorate.

A big well done to David and the team at our Wishaw branch, the new outdoor space can now be utilised to benefit families and individuals affected across the Glasgow area.

Supporting the community is a crucial part of what Jewson does and as a business and is fundamental to the way we operate. We will be running our Building Better Communities campaign again during 2017 to continue providing support to local communities in as many ways as we can. Keep an eye on our social channels over the next few months for more on this.

For more information on The Happy Club and the work it does, please visit: http://www.the-happy-club.co.uk/