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Mystic BOB’s footie predictions

After a tough few weeks, football is finally back on our tellies.

The whole of the season is stretched out ahead of us, brimming with potential joys, dramas and upsets.

If you want to know what might be in store, BOB has looked into his crystal ball to see some likely (and slightly less likely…) outcomes.


Let’s begin at the end, with the potential winners. There’s Man City (no surprises there) and we’ve seen a lot of buzz around Fulham – though it remains to be seen whether they can deliver…

Liverpool are sure to come second, as always.

And what goes up, must come down. In this case, anyone from 7 to 20 is ripe for a relegation battle. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a nail biter!

Less likely…

A Leicester City underdog style scenario where Wolves come up from the Championship and power through to win the league. Could happen… probably won’t.

Considering the amount of money West Ham have pumped into the club and their new manager, it’d be a shock for them to get relegated (though stranger things have happened).

What are your predictions for the season? Tell us on Twitter: @Jewson