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Make your own Christmas decorations with these tricks for the trade…

It’s nice to get into the festive spirit and all, but has anyone ever noticed how expensive it is to deck the halls these days?!

Luckily, help is at hand.

There are plenty of things you could pick up on-site to decorate your house with (just be sure to check with the site manager first…)

Get inspired with these DIY decorations that were made for the trade.

Branching out

Start simple with a miniature tree for a minimalist Christmas look. All you need is a fallen, sturdy tree branch, some white spray paint and an old glass bottle. Spray the branch and then pop it in the bottle. It’s as simple as that. Now you can hang a few ornaments of your choice to finish off the look.

Sophisticated pallet

Pallets are all the rage. Got one going spare on site? Sand it down and finish it with a stain. Now choose your favourite Christmas saying and paint it onto the palette. For the less-confident, a stencil works wonders. Jazz it up with some rustic rope or a snowflake or two and there you have it.

Bricking it

It wouldn’t be BOB without bricks now would it? Make yourself a festive snowman with leftover bricks on site. Start with a coat of white paint, then, using either paint or permanent marker, give your snowman some eyes, a mouth and some coat buttons. Don’t forget the carrot nose. Finish it off with an old piece of cloth or some ribbon for a scarf and there you have it. A guaranteed snowman, with or without the white Christmas.