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Jewson seals the deal on a new home for Nooky and Popeye

Jewson has signed, sealed and delivered a new home for Nooky and Popeye, two residents of the Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and Wildlife Centre.

Jewson in Mablethorpe donated a lorry full of concrete blocks to help the sanctuary in its project to build a new larger pool for the duo.

The seals Nooky (31) and Popeye (24) have become mascots for the local community but, due to zoo regulations, they are in desperate need of a purpose-built home. Unfortunately both of the seals are blind so can’t be released back into the wild.

The centre is hosting a community engagement day on Sunday 11th September at the sanctuary to raise the additional money they need in order to build the new pools.

Dennis Drew, Director at the Seal Sanctuary and Wildlife Centre, explained: “Nooky and Popeye have been with us for a very long time and, thanks to the generous help of Jewson in Mablethorpe, we’ve been able to maintain their life and conservation. We’ve also been able to improve the services for other injured and sick animals in our care.”


If you don’t happen to be in Marblethorpe on the 11th September for the fundraising day, you can still help the seals by donating here.