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Game of Trades

Have you ever watched Game of Thrones and wondered, “which of these scheming families would I belong to?”

Well, BOB has.

Grab a map of the seven Kingdoms and enjoy.

Site managers – the Lannisters

You see it all, spread before you. Your site. Your kingdom. All there to do your bidding. You know the inner workings of the site and use this to your advantage. People may not always like that you’re pulling the strings but at least you have a healthy relationship with your sibling.

Brickies – the Starks

Down to earth and direct, you aren’t at all afraid of getting your hands dirty. If there’s a head to be chopped off or a wall to be built, you’d rather do it yourself than fob it off on someone else. And you may even have a massive dog.

Electricians – the Targaryens

You wield incredible power in your hands. The fiery power to build or destroy. Nobody really knows what you get up to, but they can see that you’re really busy and important. And blonde. Maybe.

Ironmongers – the Greyjoys

Part of a long tradition of iron folk, you can make metal do whatever you want it to. Like build ships, or perhaps a slightly smaller structure… you have mastery over it. Just never trust anyone with the surname Bolton.

So are you a Greyjoy or a Stark? Share your best GOT selfies on social media using #JewsonBOB.