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Stag and hen dos (and don’ts)

You’ve survived the ‘banter’ in the group Whatsapp, you’ve forked out for the flights and packed your bags. Yes, your mate’s ‘final night of freedom’ is finally here.

But there are some important dos and don’ts you need to remember. BOB is here to remind you.


• Remember that your mate’s spouse-to-be will probably see the photos at some point (not to mention your other half).
• Eat at some point. Your stomach will benefit from a bit of lining and you might find a hidden gem restaurant while you’re at it.
• Ask before adding THAT photo to Facebook. You don’t want to put any of the stag or hen crew in the bad books. Especially with their boss.
• Stay loyal to the hen/stag. No wandering off to chat to the physically compelling locals…


• Ruin the wedding photos. Depending on how far away the wedding is, shaving the groom’s hair, the hen’s eyebrows or other body hair is a no-no.
• Get drunk and start telling the groom or bride-to-be how “we don’t spend time together anymore…you’ve changed!”
• Forget which tree you tied them to… nobody wants a situation akin to The Hangover.
• Get arrested.

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