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Flagging: The latest landscaping trend

We know that spring is always a busy time for landscapers. The sunshine and longer evenings mean homeowners turn their attention to their gardens, and that gives you the perfect opportunity to show off the latest trends to win some new business.

When it comes to paving, your first thought might be of smooth, razor straight lines, but how about trying a more traditional, natural look for your next project? Traditionally, the drawbacks of using products like limestone are their porosity and a lack of durability. They can be tricky to keep clean and looking brand new, which isn’t ideal for you or your customers.

The good news is there are products on the market which can help you bypass these problems. We’ve taken a look at some of the features of the Talasey Group’s new Dellacava porcelain flagstones, so you can pass on the benefits to your customers.

New materials, old look

The biggest draw of the Dellacava porcelain flagstones is their weathered and antique look, perfect for giving that natural finish. Sean Fitzgibbon from Prestige Landscaping North West, who has been in the trade for ten years, recently met a customer who wanted a timeless look for his garden, but also wanted to let his dogs outside – a bit of a problem when you’re dealing with a more absorbent material. He opted for the Dellacava range which has a whole range of benefits, including being:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to attack from moss, mould and pesticides
  • Resistant to salt
  • Frost proof
  • Easy to clean

A clean cut

You might usually avoid working with something like porcelain because you think it’s brittle and delicate, making it difficult to cut. On his latest project, Sean showed us his technique for ensuring a perfect cut, every time. You can watch how he does it here:

Finishing the job

If you do decide to give porcelain a go on your next job, you can complete the look with a whole host of accessories to wow your customers.  The Vitripiazza range from the Talasey Group, offer porcelain wall cladding, driveway products, cobbles, a bespoke edging and etching service and even matching internal porcelain floor tiles to create a flush finish from the garden into the home.

Find out more about the products here.