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Festive Fun

The saying ‘work hard, play hard’ gets thrown around by Gen-Zs today like it’s the new YOLO. It needs reining in, quite frankly. It should surely be a mantra spoken only by those who have sweat out the week, finally collapsing on the sofa on a Friday night to crack open a cold one. Those of us who have earned the right – not a bunch of keyboard warriors.

We know you have the working hard bit down, but it’s been a tough year and we’re worried that some of us have forgotten how to play hard too.

Never fear! We’ve got you. Have a read of this article for a DIY guide to three simple drinking games to enjoy on that post-site pub visit (PSA: make sure all heavy machinery is switched off or unplugged at the wall. That includes your work phone, Linda).

Ring of Fire

Let’s get things started with an absolute classic. All you will need for this one is:

• A cleanish hard hat
• A deck of cards
• A cup or a mug to drink from
• Alcoholic beverages

The rules are pretty simple once you’ve got your head around the meaning of each card (these can be edited to your preference).

We’d recommend reading up on the rules beforehand, but the gist of the game is that each card presents a task which the entire group must undertake.

The loser(s) must drink.

Each time you get a king card, add a decent pour of your drink into the upside-down hard hat (or King’s Cup).

The unfortunate sod who picks up the last king card has to add a final pour of their chosen beverage and down the entire mix, thus ending the game.

Dirty Pint

Another easy one that’s great for a quick set-up and minimal mess. All you need is:

• A coin
• A pint glass
• A mix of beverages

This one is so simple and really, really addictive to play (especially if you’re just having a swift one post-work).

All you need to do is fill a pint glass with a mixture of drinks (the weirder, the better – extra points if you can get a shot of Baileys in there), flip a coin and call it.

If you’re wrong, you take two fingers of the dirty mix.


All you have to do is be the best liar. The worse you are at lying, the more you have to drink… easy, right?

All you need:

• A deck of cards
• Something to drink
• Something to drink from…

The only rule of this game is to get rid of your cards. The only way you can do this is by lying to your mates. If you get caught lying, you have to drink the amount your mates agree to.

Mix it up by adding your own forfeit each time a liar is caught out.