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Elementary, my dear Jewson!

Did you know we’ve got our very own Detective Sherlock Holmes? A member of staff in Aberystwyth managed to spare the branch from being duped by a potential fraudster – winning him the Tool Hire Hero Award.

Our employee became suspicious when he was approached by a potential customer, claiming to be acting on behalf of the Highways department in Ceredigion Council and asking for an extensive amount of tools to hire for a project. When asked for the list by email, the fraudster failed to provide.

Deciding to do a little digging, he contacted the hire controller at the Highways department, who confirmed that they hadn’t made the order. Now very suspicious of the strange call, our employee went on to contact local businesses to make them aware – should they receive a similar call.

“This is the first time we’ve come across anything like this. I’m really pleased we were able to detect the scam in time to make sure local businesses, including our own, were not affected,” commented our employee.

A Jewson spokesperson said: “We couldn’t be more delighted with our employee –who has ultimately saved local businesses over £30k in fleet losses. We have presented him with a Tool Hire Hero Award for his efforts and we would like to say well done and thank you!”