1. How I Built My… with Bantering Bob

    31st August 2016

      Bob Niblett recently retired from our Ryde branch after 49 years of dedicated service to our company and a fair bit of banter. BOB…

  2. See the potential

    22nd August 2016

    Mark Rayfield, CEO of Jewson discusses the Department for Work and Pensions See Potential campaign and its relevance to the construction industry. With an estimated…

  3. Why we’re committed to investing in apprentices

    12th August 2016

    Apprenticeships play a vital role in attracting young people and keeping the sector buzzing with fresh ideas and ways of doing things. In fact, we…

  4. How I Built My… with Ian from Greenworks

    27th July 2016

    Say hello to Ian – he trains people on how to save money and time in their trades. He’s here to impart his wisdom onto…

  5. How I Built My… with Jess and Naomi from Tomboy Plastering

    29th June 2016

    Just how do you keep things smooth in the world of plastering? We talked to Jess and Naomi about getting started and staying ahead of…

  6. How I Built My… with Adam from On the Tools

    27th May 2016

    Adam Barrie talks to us about his journey from being a labourer to running the hugely successful On the Tools website – read on to…

  7. How to hire an apprentice

    26th April 2016

     A lack of young, skilled workers is one of the biggest challenges the construction industry faces, according to a recent report by the CITB. With…

  8. Construction Workers among World’s Happiest Professionals

    12th February 2016

    What’s not to love about a job in the construction sector? Workers get plenty of fresh air, lots of exercise while working out on-site, and…

  9. Are you the Jewson Young Tradesperson of the Year?

    11th January 2016

    Think you’re the best brickie, the perfect plumber or the shiniest spark? Then we want to hear from you.