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Top up your income and pass on your building and construction skills to the next generation

It’s no secret that the building and construction industry is crying out for experienced and quality employees, especially when it comes to the larger construction firms. This high demand in turn has caused a massive increase in popularity and need for young people to learn building and construction skills and further education colleges across the country are struggling to put a knowledgeable teacher in front of each lesson! You might be surprised to learn that many of the teachers that are delivering some of these courses are in fact not teachers at all! They are tradesmen who have either retired, decided to put down their tools or top up their income by passing on their skills. From bricklaying, plastering, painting, carpentry to engineering and roofing – if you have the skills – UK colleges need them!

Becoming a college lecturer can be extraordinarily rewarding both financially and personally and better still you don’t even need any teaching qualifications – many colleges will help you gain them on the job! At Protocol we help 1000’s of professionals like you, to make the transition, whether it’s to substitute your usual work or top up with weekend and evening classes. The flexible nature of college lecturing means – you will be able to find hours and locations to suit you and get a whole load of job satisfaction! Here is an example of an experienced tradesman that started working as a trainer assessor and hasn’t looked back since….

Jason Howe, Curriculum Manager – Bishop Auckland College

What is your background in construction?

My trade is Carpentry, Joinery and Construction – I was active for 9 years in industry and then a further 8 years in education, where I now work full time.

What do you teach?

I can teach Site Carpentry and Construction and the Built Environment, but now I am Curriculum Manager I only teach when covering lessons. However I used to teach 24+ hours per week in Carpentry and Joinery, Site Carpentry, and Construction and the Built Environment at Bishop Auckland College.

Do you have any teaching qualifications?

I have my Professional Certificate in Education and Training, Assessors A1 and TAQA Leading Internal Verification. My employers have always encouraged development and I have done all of my qualifications on the job.

How did you get started in lecturing?

I started as a trainer assessor with a training provider after seeing a position advertised locally. It was always something I wanted to pursue but having my own business was very time consuming. I then progressed onto Lecturing with my current college then became Construction Lead before being successful on becoming Curriculum Manager for Construction. In the past year I have added Motor Vehicle & Building Services to my curriculum area.

What part of the role do you enjoy the most?

Seeing our learners progress or better themselves within their lives or careers! Whether it be into employment, gaining a little bit more confidence or moving on to the next level of course, there is nothing more rewarding that knowing that you played a part (however big or small) in a learner’s life.

What would be your top tip for anyone considering lecturing at their local college?

Do it! Take the time to think about the difference you can make to someone’s life by passing on your skills and knowledge to the next generation, so we can keep on producing quality tradesmen who are wanted throughout the world.

If like Jason, you too would like to kick start a career in further education or simply top up your income Protocol’s dedicated Construction and Building Recruitment Team can provide you with the help and support to get you started and secure you your first teaching job or assignment!

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