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BOB’s Top 2018 Moments

We take a look back on our personal highlights from the past year…

Bricklaying robot hits the UK

The year began with the arrival of the SAM 100 (Semi Automated Mason) – a bricklaying robot for on-site masonry construction, made by New York-based Construction Robotics.

Meghan and Harry tied the knot

…and baby Windsor is due in 2019. Watch this space.

England actually nearly brought it home

Victory was almost ours and 2018 will be a summer we remember for a long time to come. Things took another bright turn later in the year when it was announced that Southgate will be heading up the 2022 squad. We. Can’t. Wait.

That time a man proposed with a Gregg’s Festive Bake

Yes, it happened. Congratulations to Tony and Rebecca, who did in fact say yes…

Gingers and Bricks

Justice was served when both gingers and brickies were given their own emojis all in one update. Thanks Apple.