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BOB’s guide to creating your own on-site curling arena

You know how it goes, some nights when you get home from work there’s nothing decent on the telly and all of a sudden you find yourself getting sucked into watching weird and wonderful sporting tournaments.

Maybe you’ve seen Cool Runnings once and now you can’t possibly miss the latest qualifying in the bobsleigh competition. Or you love an underdog like Eddie the Eagle and you realise you’re skipping a trip to the pub to watch the highlights of the ski jumping. Or maybe you’re a secret fan of Dancing on Ice and you end up glued to the figure skating wondering what music you’d pick for your routine (or just how many sequins you’d have on your lycra onesie).

Now, the likelihood is you’ve left it a bit late to make qualification for the South Korean games in February but how about getting your workmates together and creating the ultimate winter sports arena – BOB style? This is definitely one for “friendly” rivalries. Who’s going to come out on top – will it be the plumbers, builders, electricians or the apprentices?

So, here’s how to set up your BOB curling arena. If you’re wondering what on earth curling is, it’s the one where it looks like you’re giving the floor a good clean to make way for a giant magnet.

Step 1 – find yourself a nice smooth floor and get a roll of tape to mark out the target area and starting point.

Step 2 – now for the equipment, you’re going to need a hard hat to use as the “curling stone” and two sweeping brushes.

Step 3 – one member of the team crouches at the starting line with the hard hat, the others are poised with their brushes.

Step 4 – as the hard hat is slid along the floor, the other two team members use their brushes to help it on its way, with aim to land it as close as possible to the target area.

The team that gets the hat as close to the centre as possible gets 50 points. The next ring out gets 25 points, and the last ring is 10 points.

Think you have what it takes? Send us your curling arena photos via social media, using the hashtag #BobCurls