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BOB’s best cups… in the world

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been hearing a lot about the best cup on earth at the moment.

We’re not exactly sure what this globe of cups thingy is, but it HAS inspired us to put together a list of our favourite cups… in the world.


Garden cups

We dunno about you, but we just get so tired of seeing all these cups with nothing in them. What do people think we are? Mugs? Get a garden in your cup.

Plastic cups

Remember these bad boys from childhood? Their bright colours and indestructible nature made you feel absolutely invincible. Great with a bit of cordial.

Knuckle duster cup

For when you want a cuppa but you also want everyone around you to know you’re WELL ’ARD.

Toilet cup

We hate to say this, but reminds us of some site toilets we’ve seen…

Self-stirring cup

Because who has the time to actually STIR their own drink? We have trade stuff to do, mate.

THIS cup

Not your ordinary cup, but still very important. You’d be nuts not to wear one.

The cup of all cups

Yes. This is the one. The best cup in the world. The… world cup, you might say. It’s definitely the best one we’ll see this summer.