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Blagger’s guide to… winter sports

We’ve all tried our hand at sledging. You may have even been dragged to one of those pop-up ice rinks that appear around Christmas – but are you really an expert on winter sports? Do you know your bobsleigh from your biathlon? BOB’s got everything you need to blag your way through the winter games.

What to say

“Check out that Poptart. Mate, did you see that awesome McTwist?”
No these aren’t your favourite snacks to scoff during a break, they’re snowboarding moves.

“2018 could be Team GB’s golden year…even better than 1924 and 2014!”
Team GB has never won more than four medals at a winter games, but UK Sport’s invested a shed load of cash this time around to try to make sure Great Britain breaks that record in South Korea.

What not to say

“Nobody’s going to beat Torvill and Dean in the Bolero.”
Turns out the Bolero is actually a figure skating routine, not a sport in itself and, unfortunately, the dynamic duo Torvill and Dean haven’t competed at the winter games since 1994. If you want someone to watch on the ice, opt for the short track speed skating where Elise Christie is a big medal hope for Team GB.

“Look at the shine they’ve got on that floor! I could do with one of those brushes for my kitchen.”
Although the curling might look more like the cleaning team getting ready for the next event, this bizarre sport is one to watch in South Korea. It’s really tactical and involves the team using brooms to alter the speed and direction of the curling stones. Great Britain won silver and bronze in 2014 and this time around there are mixed doubles as well. Exciting!