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Banter from future legends

On the Tools’ 16-25 Facebook group, is a place for young trades to share stories, ideas and a whole lot of banter.

For the 31 days of March we gave away thousands of pounds worth of prizes to young trades as part of our Future Legends competition. But we did ask for some things in return…

Here are some of our favourite funny moments from the competitions.

Builders’ breakfasts

You lot couldn’t wait to share shots of your brekkie.

Joseph says he goes to the same place every week, and we can see why…

However some others were… slightly less inspiring…

Scott said:

“I have this pathetic breakfast every weekday.”

And we’re not gonna lie, we were a little worried about Tyler’s breakfast on his day off:

Cheesy chat up lines

You trades really know how to impress…

“I am a sparky so you know we will be electrifying.”
–       Darren

“Feel my jacket. Do you know what that is? That’s boyfriend material.”
–       Alex

“Hey girl, have you ever met a detective electrician? They call me Sherlock Ohms.”
–       Ryan

“Your hand looks heavy, can I hold it for you?”
–       Erin

Some amazing work…

Looks like young trades have been absolutely smashing their projects to bits recently (in a good way).


Anthony :


And Liam went above and beyond…

He hugged a Jewson branch manager (Keith from Widnes). Heartwarming scenes…