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BOB’s guide to… Rio’s crazy builds

Our mate Rio has been building a lot of things lately – he says there’s some kind of big sports day coming up? Sounds like something we probably shouldn’t talk about…

But still, we’ve sent BOB to find out a few facts about Rio’s crazy builds.

43 miles of road has been put down to regenerate the area for this big sports day. That’s a lot of road!

Next to these new roads, Rio’s built 250 square miles of pavements. Imagine how many flags that is…

Rio has built 14 new venues to host a range of events, from pass the baton to the egg and spoon race. Probably.

A new building contractor has been brought in to finish construction of a $43m cycle path – but it’s so behind schedule, organisers say they might not have time to test it (we’re happy to have a pedal, if it helps).

Rio has ambitiously added golf to his global sports day – something which hasn’t been done in 112 years. That means he’s had to build a new 7,350 yard, 18 hole course.

Due to his love of dance, Rio has named the venue hosting his opening and closing ceremonies after the Maracanã (heeeey, Maracanã!).

Luckily, Rio already had a football pitch in his back garden following a kick-about with his mates in 2014. He can fit 87,000 people in it.

The power to Rio’s main stadium was shut off due to unpaid utility bills. Come on, Rio – get a Direct Debit set up or something.