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4 Sports to Try in 2019

Forget Tuesday night 5-a-side. If you’re looking for a new way to get fit this year, here’s a few new sports to try.

Fell Running

If getting out and pounding the pavement is your go-to way to de-stress, then why not mix things up a bit with some fell running or hill running. This involves running and racing off-road up some pretty testing hills. Fell running isn’t so much about speed, but endurance. You will need to be prepared for some wet and windy weather when you get up on those slopes. Perfect for blowing the cobwebs away.

Paddle Board Yoga

Fancy finding your inner zen while floating calmly on a beautiful lake? Then paddle board yoga is the sport for you. The ultimate test of balance and poise, as you try to perfect the downward dog while simultaneously keeping yourself warm and dry. Check out your local water sports centre for your nearest class.

Disc Golf

This isn’t your regular 18 holes around a lovely, calm golf course. Disc golf is a game where a plastic disc is thrown into a series of metal baskets around a course. Just like your regular game the idea is to complete it using the fewest possible throws. If you needed another reason to have a go, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (you know, the guy who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones) is a fan. FORE!


This one is all about strength, so it’s the perfect opportunity to put all that lugging around of bricks and cement to good use. You get three attempts to reach your maximum weight on three lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift. Plus you get to wear a very fetching stretchy one-piece with some jazzy long socks to protect your legs.