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You’ve Got To Hand It To Wadey

Newly crowned UK Open Champion and World Number four James Wade will be unveiling a surprise Ronnie O’Sullivan style approach when he returns to TV screens this summer.

The multiple major champion has locked himself away after his recent tournament success in order to fulfil a pledge to his sponsors – and believes the results could be extraordinary.

The former mechanic, nicknamed the Machine, will be introducing right hand drive into his own operating manual when he next takes to the stage after a plea from his sponsors.

He said: “During the darts the TV camera is always on the left-hand side of the player, meaning you can often see the whole shirt of a right hander, where a lefty can be more obscured.

“After the UK Open win, Jewson said that it had been the perfect start to the partnership and that the only other thing they could ask for is for me to become right handed so the logo can be seen the entire time.

“It got me thinking, so I started practicing and I was really pleasantly surprised at the results – I went from barely being able to hit the board to performing consistently very quickly.

“I probably won’t play entire matches with my right hand, but I will maybe just switch for high profile legs that will appear in highlights and on social media and video clips.

“My aim is to be the first ever player to win a TV Major with both my left and my right hand.”

Jewson Head of Marketing, Gareth Drew, said: “James is a fantastic ambassador for us and as a tradesman himself he really connects to our customer base.

“Our mission is to make builders more money by removing all the hassle – and that’s what it’s like dealing with James.

“We happened to mention that it was a shame he wasn’t right-handed and the next thing we knew he was in practice and honing his skills with his other arm. We are fully backing him to be the first player to win as both a lefty and a righty!”