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Your ultimate toolbox

Everyone has a tool they simply couldn’t do without on-site. Leaving it at home would make you feel like a right… tool.

We wanted to see what your ultimate toolbox would contain, so we headed over to On the Tools’ 16-25 Facebook group – you know, where the cool kids hang out.

Here are just some of the tools you were raving about…

  1. Tape measure – sometimes it’s the simple things…
  2. Paslode Nail gun – gets the job done much quicker (nailed it)
  3. A soft mallet – great for laying those slabs
  4. Site radio – for those on-site bangers!
  5. Hammer (sometimes you can’t beat the classics)
  6. Milwaukee Impact Driver – definitely has an impact
  7. A pencil – for putting behind your ear and making you look official
  8. Hands – after all, you wouldn’t be able to make much without them…
  9. The kettle (those brews won’t make themselves)

Join the conversation on the group over on Facebook.