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Young Tradesperson of the Year – Top tips to get noticed

Top tips to get noticed

If you’re under 30 and interested in entering the Young Tradesperson of the Year competition, read on…

For some of us, standing out from the crowd is a doddle whilst for others it’s not always that easy.

For that reason, we’ve pulled together some handy tips to ensure your Young Tradesperson of the Year entry is one to remember.

Where can I enter?

All entries are to be made via the Jewson Tools website. Entries can be submitted in either written format via the web form or in a video no longer than 90 seconds.

You can be nominated for, or you can nominate yourself, all you (or the person that’s nominating you) need to is provide the name, date of birth and contact details of the nominee, as well as their trade and chosen category.

The categories are:

  • Best Apprentice – The award for the best aspiring tradesperson still in full-time training
  • Best Young Business Person/Entrepreneur – The award for the entrant who has demonstrated the most entrepreneurial nous and has achieved real business success
  • Best Young Tradesperson Under 18
  • Best Young Tradesperson 18-24
  • Best Young Tradesperson 25-30

The questions to be answered are as follows:

  • What part of your job do you (or the person you are nominating) enjoy the most?
  • How important is learning your or their trade and/or developing your business to you or them?
  • Why should you or they win Jewson Young Tradesperson of the Year?
  • What’s the funniest thing to happen to you or them while on a job?

Some advice on your entry.

  1. Answer the Questions

To keep the judging process as fair as possible, all entries will be assessed on the same criteria. This requires each entry to answer all of the required questions, whether your entry is written or in video format. Failure to answer any of the set questions will mean that you will not receive any of the available marks for that section regardless of the strength of the rest of your entry L To get the most marks, make sure you answer them all!

  1. Have a go at a video entry

We’re likely to receive a lot of entries and using video can help yours to stand out. It will allow you to get creative with your entry and give the judges an idea of your personality. It doesn’t have to be produced to a professional standard, but you may want to use some editing software to help you put it together. But this isn’t the Oscars after all, so if shooting a video sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry – your written entry will be judged to the same high standards by the expert panel.

  1. Show off your work

You’re proud of your work, so do it justice and send us high quality photos of your projects. Remember to include a brief description of the work and any details around what made it challenging or if there were any special requests from the client that needed to be considered.

  1. Give us some personality

Getting a job done to the highest standard is only part of what a tradesperson is about. You also need to be friendly and good company – nobody wants to be on a job with someone with no #bants. But as much fun as you are on site, just remember, you’re still a professional!

  1. Don’t leave it until the last minute

Rushed jobs are never as good as they could be. The deadline might seem like ages away, but start planning your entry now. It’s easy to tell the difference between something that’s been worked on over time and one that’s been put together as an afterthought.

  1. Proofread and double check your entry

Attention to detail is what separates good tradespeople from great ones. Typos and bad spelling can make a good entry look sloppy. Make sure to give your entry an extra check before submitting.

  1. Get permission for your reference

It might seem obvious, but check with the person you nominate to give you a reference in advance. That way they will have no excuse for forgetting to mention all of the great things about you when we get in touch!

One last thing, have a read of the terms and conditions so that there aren’t any nasty surprises J

Good luck!